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“Short and Sweet Too”


Announcing the publication of my very short—275 single-syllable word story, Sword of Truth, in Grace Publishing’s Short and Sweet Too anthology released TODAY.

I am thankful for my editors!

Front Cover Final


Another Story



It’s funny how an AFPA amazes me, (Acceptance For Publication Agreement) when that’s what I work toward. I signed one a few days ago. Ta dah!

The opposite is also true. A Rejection Email is a milestone which amazes me.

We all need feedback. Any form of feedback.

Pure excitement burst inside me when I received my first rejection. I told my critique group and wished I’d thought to have my iPhone camera ready. Their expressions ranged from stunned, confused, and comical. The confused member asked, “Why are you happy about that?”

“For me, it means I’m alive, working, and achieving…something. I’m doing the task of writing plus submitting articles and stories–not stashing them. You all told me that the industry changed and doesn’t send rejection letters on a regular basis. So, writers are often robbed of feedback. I sent the wrong story to the wrong publisher. I need to know.”

Here’s my cheer for the next form of feedback, “Yayeeeee!”


“My Creative Journey” Blogpost on Inspire Writers Website


My Creative Journey


Inspire Writers is a community which provides an opportunity for publication of stories–a way for publication.

My decision to join Inspire changed my life. Inspire gives writers support, an option for critique groups, and periodic workshops. The tremendous benefits from Inspire Writers are Belonging and friendship.

Book Illustrations




Little Known Tales In California History by Alton Pryor, First Edition. Illustrations by me, aka Erin Fulkerson.

I enjoyed creating these in black and white pen with paint. My favorite illustrations are on pages 47-Rattlesnake Dick, page 62-A Strange Way to Meaure Land, and page 166-Gaspar de Portola.

Click HERE for a PDF of the book illustrations.

Little Known Tales in California History enjoyed several printings. Click HERE to see the current edition on Amazon.

I heard rumors that this little book became a popular read for students in some local schools. Who can resist interesting short stories with these titles–Pegleg Smith’s Lost Goldmine, The Camel Experiment, or The Medicine Men?

My favorite stories are–Cotton, Silkworms, and Oranges, what people did when they failed at gold mining. The Whipping Boys, with a surprise about stagecoach driver, Charlie Parkhurst. Finally, The Lost Spanish Galleon, the treasure ship buried under the silt of the Salton Sea.


Catch Up Time


Me oh my, how time does fly! It’s ONE of the reasons I’ve not posted since December 2015.

If you’re curious about the other reasons, read on…

Sold my home–moved my mom, fiance and me.

Fiance’s open heart surgery & wedding planning.

Our wedding.

BRMCWC–writer’s conference click here & visiting my grandchildren.

Recovery from a painful injury and adjustment to new limitations in my mobility, ie-walker.

Entered a short story contest click here

My story regarding JOY, accepted for publication click here in Inspire’s Joy Anthology.

and WRITING stories each week. Whew!

My newest adventure is with SCBWI, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, a renown international organization click here

My first illustration posted in their gallery is here

Enjoy your summer with your loved ones and visit my blog again soon!



Book launch




Please see this link for the 2015 Inspire Forgiveness book launch on 12/12/15. This is an anthology with several authors. My story is  Meghan O’Meara’s Bowl.

Forgiveness is a very difficult issue for most of us. It often takes a progression of choices and steps before we can live it.

It is my hope that all who read these stories will find their way to personal freedom from the past that is a gift of forgiveness.