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Children and their perspective.

Sisters Are Not Puppies



“L” is in the clouds with new baby sister “E” to kiss and hold. “Babies are so cute!”

“I think so too, I love babies.”

“I love her.”

“Me, too!”

“I thinks she loves me.”

‘I think you’re right. Baby E knows your voice.”

L nodded. “Inside Mommy’s tummy Baby E could hear us talking. That’s why E knows me. ”

“Yes, babies can hear through their mommies’ tummies.”

“Babies are so cute, it’s sad they grow up to be sisters.”

The adults laughed, assuming that she spoke of “I”, her middle sister.

I saw concern and sadness in L’s eyes. “It’s like puppies or kitties, we never want them to grow up.”

L nodded, “But they DO.”

“Yes, but the fun thing about baby sisters is that when they grow up, they can be your friends.”

L’s eyes widened, and she smiled a big smile.

Sisters are forever.



Where Animals Come From


“Grammy, we were catching worms at school today! Why do they eat dirt?”

My on the fly response, “Well, worms eat dirt because someone has to.”

My four year-old grand girl then related a story of her preschool teachers instructing them about animals. “Grammy, did you know God made beautiful animals and things? God made zebras, elephants, and even lions. But…not cows…or sheep…or pigs. I guess farmers made those.”

Sounds like some pages and illustrations were missing from that animal book at school!


Going Places


Once in a while, it is satisfying to actually go somewhere. We can spin our wheels and go nowhere more often than we wish to.

Years ago, I travelled and lived abroad from the motive of adventure. A full year of sixteen countries–planes, trains, ferries, buses, hitchhiking, hotels, homes, and hostels. Even those exciting things are exhausting. I must tell you that after I returned, I slept for a month, in my quiet and cozy home.

It is true that there is a time and season for everything under the sun. My current season is grandma-hood, so I travel frequently to the same state, from the motive of love for my family and little granddaughters.



A Toddler’s Perspective


I’m on a birthday visit to see my grand girls. “L” is turning three soon. I love her curiosity and imagination that comes through her choice of words.

I met her when she was nine hours old. She (almost) constantly cooed, squeaked, and hummed noises. I commented to her mama-“She is the noisiest newborn I have ever been around. I think you’re going to have a talker!” True insight.

Her first sound, that was not a cry, was-“Oh.” She would say, “Ohhhh,” instead of crying even. Her “Ohhh,” would wake her parents, not a yell or a cry. Truly, she commanded some language skills at one month old.

“I,” her little sister, says, “Hiiii,” at three months old. Truly. She smiles following her greeting and coos. So, “I’ says, “Iiii.”

Really, I am not just a doting grammy. I know words when I hear them. My own children said words at 7 months old. Another story, but even their pediatrician heard them. Infant’s words are not as precise so we miss them. Pretend you’re playing charades-“sounds like…” and you will hear them talking to you.

“L” is fascinated by planes. Maybe because several of us fly on planes to visit her. She used to think we lived at the airport and that’s why her daddy picked us up there. Now, “L” understands that we FLY on a plane to the airport and then daddy comes to pick us up after the plane lands.

While on a walk with “L” today, she saw three planes. After the last one flew over us, she told me her plan. “I need to get to be super. When I get super I can fly up to the plane and ride on it. Then I can fly like you do, grammy! But, I want a yellow plane.”

It’s official. My grand girl announced it. I am-“Super Grammy!”2015-10-19 09.16.18