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Spring Spirit Logo Contest





This banner design is watercolor acrylic and pen. Teamwork—plant seeds, water, and magic!

The contest’s objective was to capture the spirit of spring—hence the title, appropriate for children.

I am thankful for this opportunity.

#SCBWICANorthCentral #artofscbwica


Creation of a “Dummy”



I don’t mean stupid, yikes–Dummy as in sample. It’s a legitimate illustration term for storyboards. 😀

The task of dummy assembly was a project that intimidated me. Only half of my brain, the left half, reads descriptions and instructions. I prefer to use both halves.

So, I searched for a good visual presentation.

Thankfully, I discovered a video on dummy creation through a post on Facebook by SCBWICA from the website!

No more excuses. :/