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Spring Spirit Logo Contest





This banner design is watercolor acrylic and pen. Teamwork—plant seeds, water, and magic!

The contest’s objective was to capture the spirit of spring—hence the title, appropriate for children.

I am thankful for this opportunity.

#SCBWICANorthCentral #artofscbwica




#TalesNoir prompt word during second week of May–“Creation”

“Wet clay oozed between his fingers, spun with the wheel, and dripped onto the slab. Once day, this creation would reveal his name.”



Weekly Poetry Challenge


Recently, I’ve entered a few poetry contests. To my surprise my heart loves it!

One challenge was using only one-syllable words keeping under 200 count. My entry may be published in a book this year…Update will follow.

The other was a group effort of double-line rhyme on Twitter   there wasn’t any theme, two lines each, and assembled together to complete one poem.

Participant’s lines were delightful, and I enjoyed receiving four likes! For the fun of it, here’s mine–

“Brushes are beloved by my artist’s hand

as instruments played in a musician’s band.”