Mom Sees Jewels


Mom—”When you get the chance, come and see something. I just found a jewel. I’ve never seen it before. It’s really pretty, it looks like a diamond.”

Me—”A diamond?” Did I lose a diamond?

In our apartment’s kitchen, Mom stood in front of the granite counter, near the sink. She poured her morning coffee.

At my computer I struggled with balancing my checkbook. With my limited math skills.

Me—”Okay…just a minute.”

Mom patiently waits.

I lay down my check register, left my desk, and entered the kitchen.

Me—”Where is it?”

Mom—”It’s in the darnedest place.” She pointed with her long, unpainted, pointer-finger nail. “Right there.”

Me—”Um, I don’t see anything…” I moved closer and squinted.

Mom—”You have to get the right kind of light. See it now?”

fullsizeoutput_36adMe—”Oh, yea. It’s part of the granite counter-top.”

Mom—”Why would granite have jewels in it?”

Blank. I don’t have enough time for this conversation. I’m due at an appointment.

Me—”Granite glitters when it’s cut.”


Mom—”Oh. And here’s another one.” Her unpainted nail poked it.

I knew to get real close right away, in the right kind of light.


Me—”That’s a piece of plastic.”

Mom—”Isn’t that just plain weird? Diamonds and plastic look the same. I never thought about that before.”

There you have it.

Why buy an expensive diamond when you can use cheap plastic wrap?

#jewels #diamonds


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