Monthly Archives: September 2017

Consent to Publish


(Photo was filtered through the Vinci iPhone app).

fullsizeoutput_2d75Excitement and thankfulness entwined in my heart, when I received another contract!

The anthology of extremely short stories under 275, single-syllable words is being compiled. 

An editor sharpened and clarified my creation, with questions that challenged my concepts. The story was clear in my mind, but it might be muddled to readers. The editor used the reader’s viewpoint and what might be important to them.

Frankly, I was encouraged that instead of a rejection, an editor wished to work with me. Happy writing and don’t give up…



Good Ole Summertime


Autumn drifts nearer on the cool morning breeze. I enjoy living in an area with four seasons, but it’s sad saying goodbye to the pool we visit. We call it our Hawaii, since a plane flight is not an option at this time. Here are a few of my favorite flavors of Summer–IMG_3089

(Photos through the Prisma iPhone app).