Monthly Archives: May 2017



#WFWed, prompt word–“Light”

“Golden light shimmered with slanted rays into the damp cave and kept the darkness at bay.”





#TalesNoir prompt word during second week of May–“Creation”

“Wet clay oozed between his fingers, spun with the wheel, and dripped onto the slab. Once day, this creation would reveal his name.”



Going Places


Once in a while, it is satisfying to actually go somewhere. We can spin our wheels and go nowhere more often than we wish to.

Years ago, I travelled and lived abroad from the motive of adventure. A full year of sixteen countries–planes, trains, ferries, buses, hitchhiking, hotels, homes, and hostels. Even those exciting things are exhausting. I must tell you that after I returned, I slept for a month, in my quiet and cozy home.

It is true that there is a time and season for everything under the sun. My current season is grandma-hood, so I travel frequently to the same state, from the motive of love for my family and little granddaughters.



Anniversary of Second Chances


One year ago today, we proclaimed our vows of love, honor, and commitment! We said them in front of an audience of family with a few close friends. The ceremony took place inside a family home, instead of the backyard–due to rain…in a drought year. Though disappointed, the indoor setting was intimate and lovely.

Even though my new husband and I were divorced from our first marriages, we proclaimed those vows in front of most of the same people. What drives people to remarry–to take a chance with love after the trauma and destruction of divorce?

In general, I believe for the sake of having one’s own true love.

This morning, I contemplated the three most powerful and driving of forces for good in the hearts of humankind–faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love.