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Book Illustrations




Little Known Tales In California History by Alton Pryor, First Edition. Illustrations by me, aka Erin Fulkerson.

I enjoyed creating these in black and white pen with paint. My favorite illustrations are on pages 47-Rattlesnake Dick, page 62-A Strange Way to Meaure Land, and page 166-Gaspar de Portola.

Click HERE for a PDF of the book illustrations.

Little Known Tales in California History enjoyed several printings. Click HERE to see the current edition on Amazon.

I heard rumors that this little book became a popular read for students in some local schools. Who can resist interesting short stories with these titles–Pegleg Smith’s Lost Goldmine, The Camel Experiment, or The Medicine Men?

My favorite stories are–Cotton, Silkworms, and Oranges, what people did when they failed at gold mining. The Whipping Boys, with a surprise about stagecoach driver, Charlie Parkhurst. Finally, The Lost Spanish Galleon, the treasure ship buried under the silt of the Salton Sea.



Florence Foster Jenkins Quote


“Some may say that I couldn’t sing, but no one can say that I didn’t sing.”

Source: href=””>Florence Foster Jenkins Quote

My husband and I viewed this at a matinee today. Based on a true story and billed as a “dramedy.”

Florence wanted to sing. Music meant the world to her. The story unfolds, and we discover Florence’s secret life’s experiences.

My takeaway–Don’t assume anything about anyone. All sorts of events flavor each perspective.

I hope I will be remembered for loyalty, love, a generous heart, and attempts with opportunities given to me.