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California Drought


In the fifth year of record breaking drought, fire danger is magnified. As always, we have the hot dry summers. Add the forrest fires and we have destruction with mourning. Please pray for protection and strength for the firefighters, homeowners, livestock, businesses, and the losses endured by many for years to come.

In the many years I was married to a “firefighter,” I heard stories of dangerous events, especially during forrest fire fighting. Wind, weather and combustibles played a part in the danger. I heard them speak of how large forrest fires create their own weather with wind changes.

The fires even affect others from a long distance away. The smoke creating breathing difficulties, especially for the vulnerable.

These photos are from Facebook posts, friends and Rocklin Fire Department–Gaither:



Oh no!


I had to post this due to several factors:

  • I have a Far-Side sense of humor. (A little twisted.)
  • Another sequel of Jurassic Park was released, again.
  • My son was very fond of dinosaurs when he was a youngster, and especially the T-Rex.
  • I have dreamt several times that I was a T-Rex, (even though I am under 5’5″…wishful thinking?) and a few times it was a nightmare. Maybe a future story idea?
  • Finally, one of my friends (you know who you are) has the largest collection of pink flamingos that I know of. I think she has every form that exists. Statues, clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, etc.